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Additional Products

In addition to hearing aids, our Audiologists can fit you with assistive listening devices that may help with other forms of hearing problems.

  • Television Systems
    • With Williams Sound Infrared and FM systems, you can listen to your television at a comfortable, personal volume without disturbing others.
  • Personal Amplifiers
    • Williams Sound Pocketalkers amplify the sounds closest to you while reducing background noise, which makes these devices great for crowded listening situations.
  • Telephones
    • Having trouble with phone conversations or missed calls? We have products from Williams Sound, ClearSounds, and Ringmax that can aid in both the listening and ringing volumes of telephones.
  • Alarm Clocks
    • Need a little extra kick in the morning? With Sonic Boom and Shake-Awake alarm clocks, you won?t have to worry about accidentally sleeping in.