Hearing protection for musicians is essential, because their career and livelihood depend on protecting their hearing. They need to be able to hear the music they’re playing as well as listen to any musicians they play with or any of those individuals that might be singing. Earplugs are a useful thing to have when it comes to protecting your hearing, and there are plenty of benefits to wearing these when you’re in the music industry. With that being said, are custom-fit musician earplugs worth the cost?

The dangers of not wearing earplugs

Earplugs work by providing a shield for the inner canal of your ear and for the eardrum itself. They don’t mute out the sound completely but otherwise muffle the sound so that it doesn’t cause any significant damage. Everyday conversions can register at around 60 decibels, but when it comes to music, especially venues where musicians are playing at concerts, it can reach 100+ decibels. Any recurring sound that you are exposed to beyond 85 decibels can do damage that’s irreversible when it comes to your hearing. That’s why it’s essential to get some form of hearing protection whenever you’re working in a career or environment that involves a lot of excessive noise.

The more you can do to protect your hearing, the better. When it comes to getting older, you can experience hearing loss as our bodies begin to weaken. However, you can prevent damage happening sooner to your ears by wearing earplugs.

Custom vs disposable earplugs

When lowering the sound that enters your ears, there are options that you can choose from when it comes to earplugs. Some come in the shape and size that they are and in different formats. You’ll also have ones that you can shape and mold to your own ear canal as they’re made out of a soft putty. You can also consider a custom-fit earplug, but of course, anything that’s custom-fit will often cost you more money as a result. Regardless of what you pick, you need to have an earplug that’s going to limit the sound but not enough that you can’t hear anything. You also want it to manage different types of frequencies and sounds, as this can vary depending on where you play your music and what you play.

So, when it comes to custom-fit vs disposable earplugs, what are the benefits? And ultimately, are they worth the cost?

The comfort 

When it comes to comfort, you don’t want to be messing around and having to adjust the earplug in your ear to fit properly. As well as that, there’s also the level of comfort it provides when it’s sitting in your ear for perhaps hours on end. Whether it’s 10 minutes, 30 minutes or two hours, it’s important that you can have those earplugs in your ears all day, every day. When it comes to normal earplugs that you purchase and that are generic in fit, most won’t be comfortable after a certain amount of time.

Custom-fit earplugs, however, will often have a lot more comfort. Why? Because they’re specifically custom-made for your ear’s canal, you could wear them for hours on end and feel as though you have nothing in your ears because they’re sitting so comfortably within the ear.

Sound quality performance

Disposable earplugs are useful in situations where you might not be playing in loud environments that often or you need them for when you want to fall asleep easier. When it comes to sound quality, disposable earplugs can end up blocking out all sound and frequencies, which can make it difficult to listen to the sound being played around you. Custom-fit have special filters that can provide the quality sound without losing it completely.

The cost

The cost is obviously important for many, and if you’re wearing them every day, they’re not going to last long before they become unusable. So, buying multiple earplugs can soon add up, especially when you’re trying to buy high-quality ones. With custom-made ones, they’ll last for nearly five years if you look after them properly.

So, are custom-fit earplugs worth the cost?

If you’re someone who works in an environment, like a musician, where your ears are subjected to a lot of noise, then yes. They’re worth the investment when it comes to protecting your ears. They also provide comfort for wearing them for long hours, and the sound quality is going to help when it comes to listening to the music around you and what you’re playing, of course.

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