Most people don’t realize when they have hearing loss. This is because hearing loss happens so gradually that you generally don’t notice it unless someone tells you about how loud you’re setting the TV volume or mentions to you that you’re often slow with responding to things such as the doorbell ringing. These cases generally aren’t enough to tell you that you’re suffering from hearing loss immediately, but they are indicators that should prompt you to consider a hearing examination with your audiologist.

An audiologist will be able to examine your current hearing level and determine if you have hearing loss or not. If the tests reveal that you have hearing loss, then hearing aids will be able to provide you with effective relief. In this post, we’re going to take a look at when you should be considering hearing aids and the signs that tell you may gradually be developing hearing loss.

Are you finding it difficult to hear others?

Those who are developing hearing loss will typically find it hard to listen to others, especially when there’s a lot of background noise. It will be hard for someone with hearing loss to isolate someone’s voice, so if you find this applies to you, then it’s worth talking to your audiologist.

Do you have to ask people to repeat what they’re saying?

If you find yourself asking someone to repeat what they say several times during a conversation in a loud environment, then you may be developing hearing loss. Of course, there are also times when the background noise is too loud, but if you experience this even when there’s not much background noise, then it may be caused by hearing loss.

Is it challenging to have a conversation over the phone?

Phone conversations can prove to be frustrating for those with hearing loss. If this applies to you, then you should mention it to your audiologist for advice.

Do you feel like you’re losing your balance sometimes?

Our hearing affects more than just the sound we process. In fact, our hearing can help us discern where we are in the world, thus helping us balance ourselves. If you find that you feel dizzy or disoriented when moving around, then it could be caused by an auditory condition.

Have people commented on how loud your devices are?

If you have to set the television or your music player to excessive volumes, then others may comment on it. They may be curious why you turn it up so loud, or they might even ask you to turn it down a little. This is a rather common sign among those who are developing hearing loss since the opinion comes from someone else.

Do you have to focus hard to listen to a conversation?

If you find that a conversation sounds like a garbled mess, then it may be because hearing loss is preventing you from picking up specific frequencies. This can be solved by focusing harder on the conversation and moving closer to the source of the sound, but you should speak to your audiologist for professional advice if possible.

Is it hard to identify someone by their voice?

Those with good hearing are often able to discern someone from their voice alone, but this can be quite difficult for those with hearing loss because they’re unable to hear certain frequencies. This can mean that even if you’re in the room with someone you know, you might not realize they’re there from the voice alone.

Has anyone been concerned about your hearing?

One of the most significant indicators that you could have hearing loss is when someone else tells you about it. It could be someone that has had trouble contacting you over the phone or someone that has been ringing your doorbell for a long time, or it could be someone that’s concerned about how loud the television is. Whatever the case is, an outside source is often an excellent way to tell if you’re experiencing hearing loss or not because they’re observing you from a different perspective.

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