Hearing aids are a necessity when it comes to your ear health. So many individuals are living their life with poor hearing without seeking the benefits that hearing aids can give you. Hearing aids have developed and become more appealing to the eye, so there’s more than just that chunky beige option available. When it comes to replacing your hearing aids, it’s worth knowing how long they tend to last and what you can do to help improve its lifespan.

The benefits of hearing aids

When it comes to your ear health, you want to do everything you can to look after it and to make sure it’s as good as it can be. There are many life experiences where your ears can be subjected to loud sounds, and that can end up doing permanent damage that’s irreversible. You don’t want that to happen, but even naturally, our hearing can tend to deteriorate over time, and hearing aids can be a great way of bringing some of it back.

It can help you to hear everyday sounds that might have been somewhat muffled or too quiet for you to hear. When it comes to speech, it can help you to hear what others are saying so that you’re not feeling left out in social situations or embarrassed for asking people to repeat what they say. Not only does it help improve your ability to hear, but it can also do wonders for your confidence when it comes to interacting with others, knowing you can hear conversations properly.

How often should you replace hearing aids

With replacing your hearing aids, audiologists will very much recommend that they will last for three to five years until they need replacing. This depends on how well you look after them but also the make and model you pick when it comes to hearing aids. 

Of course, there’s always going to be a price range for anything in life, and the more expensive you get, the more value you tend to get for your money. There are ways to assess the quality of your hearing and whether it’s time to replace it or whether it can hold out for a year or two. 

Test your hearing when it comes to listening to people on the phone or in person and how loud or quiet everyday noises are. If they seem a lot quieter than normal, then chances are, you probably want to get them replaced.

As technology advances, so does the quality of the things that we use on a daily basis. The same goes for hearing aids, and even if you’re holding onto your hearing aids for five years or more, then you may find that you will have even better technology and new features next time around. It’s important to know when it’s time for a change and some new hearing aids.

Getting hearing aids for the first time

Getting hearing aids for the first time is something you want to speak to an audiologist about. They can give you guidance on what is going to be best for your hearing by running tests. This can give them an idea of what options are available and whether hearing aids are for you. When you’ve been given the option of hearing aids, you’ll usually look for a list of options to choose from and to find the best one for you depending on the features and, of course, the cost.

After you’ve chosen one, the model will get made to fit your ear, and then once it arrives, you’ll have it fitted and be on your way. When you’ve worn it for a period of time, you’ll usually go back into your audiologist to discuss any problems or issues you have with it before going back out into the world with better hearing all round.

It’s good to be able to help your ear health in any way you can, and so if you’re looking at getting hearing aids, then you definitely want to consider them. For any queries and questions, you can learn more about Hearing & Balance Centers of West Tennessee. 

We have two available contacts, one in Jackson at (731) 256-5973 and one in Memphis at (901) 201-6761. Why not get in touch today to see how we can help you with your hearing? Getting hearing aids could change the way you hear in the world, whether it’s a conversation with friends or listening to everyday sounds. We underestimate our hearing, so it can be difficult when it’s affected.