Everyone deals with hearing loss and a change in the sounds that they can hear in different ways. Due to the fact that most hearing loss is something that happens gradually over time, it is very easy to lose sight of any issues – because according to you, there aren’t any issues! Your hearing loss is usually going to be noticed by others before you notice it yourself, and it’s usually the prompt from friends and family that will make you go ahead and speak to an audiologist in the first place.

It can be difficult to ascertain whether there is a problem in the first place, but with the help of an audiologist, you’ll be able to tell whether you are dealing with hearing loss or not. Hearing loss can take a toll on a person and their quality of life if they don’t get the help they need to diagnose and treat it. However, before you can get your hearing loss diagnosed, you must speak to the experts first.

You cannot reverse hearing loss, but you can provide your hearing structures with support to make your quality of life much easier and more bearable. So, how do you recognize hearing problems? We’ve put together a list of simple signs that your hearing may be declining.

You’re Being Told to Stop Yelling

One of the first signs that there is a problem with your hearing is the fact that instead of talking to other people, you’re shouting all your words. You’ll only know you’re doing this when people repeat to you that you should stop shouting at them as they can already hear you. Don’t wait until this is happening all the time to speak to an audiologist, though. Get some help as early as possible.

You’re Staring at Mouths During Conversation

If you have severe hearing loss, the chances are that you will be spending more time staring at people’s mouths when they’re talking to you to lip read. Speech will seem muffled, and you are watching the shapes of their lips moving to know what’s being said – and you’re probably asking people to speak up!

Crowd Conversations Are a No-Go

You’re at a party, or a concert and your friend is talking to you. You can’t hear anything they’re saying, though, because their voice is lost in a crowd these days! You might be okay with hearing one on one, but you won’t be able to hear them in a crowd.

Where’s the Ringing Coming From?

If you’re experiencing a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears, the chances are that tinnitus is interrupting your day. It can be caused by exposure to loud noise, but it’s common among older adults over time. It’s painful, though, and if the ringing doesn’t go away, speak to an audiologist for help.

You’re Turning Up The TV

You are watching your favorite soap and no matter how much you turn up the TV, you can’t hear it. This is a good sign that you are experiencing hearing issues without being too aware of them at first.

Talking On the Phone Is Becoming Difficult

The transmission of sound through the phone has static surrounding it most of the time, and the chances are that you are finding it harder to hear people talking to you on the phone. You might find that you no longer answer the phone at all, preferring to send texts instead.

Get in Touch with An Audiologist Today

Hearing problems – even when you don’t notice them at first – can take a toll emotionally on you. You have to deal with them as early as possible to ensure that you get the best possible support. You can get to the bottom of what’s happening with your hearing with the help of your audiologist, and together you can come up with a solution to the problem.

With the right solutions, you can ensure that you are on top of your hearing issues and live the fullest life possible. With that in mind, you can continue to get help with your hearing with Hearing & Balance Centers of West Tennessee in either one of our two locations: Jackson: (731) 256-5973 and Memphis: (901) 201-6761. Our audiologists can work with you and ensure that you can get the best possible treatment available. Our experts are nothing short of the best – why not call us today and find out for yourself that we can help?