Wearing a hearing aid can be legitimately life-changing for those who experience hearing loss, especially if you didn’t have your hearing loss diagnosed for a long while before getting it treated. However, in order to ensure that you enjoy the best quality of life with your hearing aids, you are going to have to make a few adjustments to your life. Your audiologist is here to make sure that you can do that as easily and comfortably as possible.

One of the challenges you might face is staying active while wearing your hearing aids. You don’t want to risk your hearing aids falling out while you’re running or working out, as hitting the ground or floor could damage the sensitive technology within. Here, we’re going to look at some tips on how you can stay active without worrying about your hearing aids as much.

Wear Something to Keep Your Hearing Aids in Place

Naturally, the most important part of caring for your hearing aids while working out is to make sure that they don’t fall out of your ears and experience any damage as a result. To that end, there are several things that you can wear to keep them in and ensure that they’re secure. Hearing aid sweatbands are great for doing that while preventing sweat damage.

You can also get a skull cap that fits over the ears and the head, which can also be good at keeping you cool as well as securing your hearing aids. Some hearing aid types will also work with a hearing aid clip that can prevent your device from getting dislodged from your ear. Talk to your audiologist about which of these devices might be best suited to your type of hearing aid for the best results.

Be Mindful of Sweat

Sweat is something that you need to be mindful of. Hearing aids do not deal very well with moisture. If allowed to build up and infiltrate the device, it can cause malfunctions and may cause the batteries to start leaking, which can do more damage still. Even if you’re using something like a hearing aid clip, it’s still a good idea to wear a sweatband or something else that can prevent the sweat from getting into your ears.

Take Care of Your Hearing Aids After the Fact

After you’re done with your workout, you should take some time to make sure that your hearing aids are well-taken care of. You can take antimicrobial products like disinfectant wipes to the gym with you for a quick wipe-down. However, most of the care should be done at home, such as cleaning and inspecting your hearing aids using the cleaning kit that should have some with the device.

You can keep your device in a dehumidifier nightly when you’re not wearing them as well to make sure that moisture is kept at bay. It’s a good idea to take the batteries out every night and to keep them in a cool dry place, as well. Many hearing aid dehumidifiers also come with space for your batteries for that precise purpose.

Is it Worth Taking Your Hearing Aids to the Gym?

If you’re working out at the gym, then you might ask yourself why you would want to take your hearing aids with you in the first place. Wouldn’t it be less risky to them to leave them at home in the first place? It might be, but then you would also be missing out on the benefits of bringing them with you, as well. These benefits include the ability to communicate with others around you, including personal trainers and gym session leaders.

What’s more, hearing aids can be important for personal safety, making sure that you’re able to hear things around you. This is even more important when you’re out and about. If your hearing aids have the ability to connect to your smartphone or other devices, you can tap into some motivational music to help you keep things pumping, too.

Enjoy Your Workout Sessions Without Worry

It’s entirely possible to stay active while wearing your hearing aids without having to worry too much about damaging them. Hopefully, the tips above help, but if you need any extra help or you think that your hearing aids may have experienced some damage and you want them repaired, then you should get in touch with the team at Hearing & Balance Centers of West Tennessee: You can reach our Jackson practice at (731) 256-5973 or call our Memphis practice at (901) 201-6761.

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