In today’s hearing aids market, there are many options from which to choose. Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are one such option. BTE hearing aids fit to the ear by hooking over and slotting in neatly at the back, behind the outer ear. The hearing aid is connected to the ear canal with a thin tube that is fitted onto an earpiece inside the ear. Sound travels down the tube toward the ear canal. You can get BTEs and mini BTEs depending on your budget and your preferences, but what are the benefits of these devices?

Available in different sizes and forms

One of the first benefits of these hearing aids is that, unlike others, they come in a range of different sizes and forms. BTE devices can be larger or smaller and come equipped with different accessories. The BTE can also be fitted with an earmold, which covers the entire ear canal, enabling a full range of frequencies to be amplified.

As such, BTE hearing aids can be useful for a wide range of people with a variety of different hearing problems. It’s a fallacy to say that only the old have issues with their hearing, and the BTE hearing aids can be worn by anyone, regardless of age or indeed the extent of hearing loss. Whether you have profound or mild issues, they could be the perfect fit.

Avoids issues

There are a number of issues that can be common with hearing aids that your audiologist will likely discuss with you. This might include feedback issues. However, the BTE hearing aids are largely immune to this problem, due to the fact that the mic and speaker are actually far apart. As such, there’s less of a chance that they will impact on each other when you are attempting to use your hearing aids. In addition, BTE hearing aids don’t have as much exposure to problems like earwax and moisture. Both can be problematic for hearing aids that fit deeper, somewhere in the ear canal. Due to this, your hearing aids are less likely to need repairs or cleaning regularly.

Equipped with all the tech

You might be worried that these hearing aids are old fashioned, but the opposite is actually true. In fact, if you speak to your audiologist they’ll be happy to tell you that these hearing aids are equipped with all the latest digital technology, including Bluetooth connectivity, noise cancellation and the ability to adjust based on your environment. As such, the hearing aid can provide you with all the advantages that modern tech allows.

If you want more information about these types of hearing aids speak to your audiologist. They could certainly be the right choice for you.