Your ears are really important, especially if you are in the live music industry. Live music concerts are the perfect breeding ground for developing all kinds of ear-related issues like tinnitus and sometimes even hearing loss. It does not matter if you typically man R&B concerts or metal concerts. Protecting your ears is tremendously important.

When people think about earplugs, what usually comes to mind is an old man or woman. This is quite the contrary because anyone that is interested in keeping their ears protected should want to wear earplugs. Think about it. Most musicians wear earplugs while they are on stage. From the lead singer, guitarist, drummer and bass player, rest assured they are wearing earplugs.

Now that you understand the importance of wearing earplugs, and you know that everyone who deals with live music should wear them, we can now discuss what to consider when searching for the right earplugs for you.

Pro and consumer earplugs

All earplugs are not made the same. They may serve the same function when you get down to the nitty-gritty, but there are some minor differences that can tailor to your needs, whatever they may be. If you are a musician or singer, you will more than likely require professional earplugs as opposed to consumer earplugs. The main difference between professional earplugs and consumer earplugs is that professional earplugs give off a flat frequency response. This is to avoid distorting the balance of lows, mids and highs.

Simply put, professional earplugs offer more volume control without the need to change your frequency balance. This is very crucial for a professional musician to have. After all, you want to protect your ears, but at the same time, you do not want to be totally disengaged from the sounds since you are responsible for some of the sounds the audience members will hear. You want to sound good, but keeping your ears protected is just as important. For this reason, professional earplugs will serve you better.

On the other hand, consumer earplugs differ in their own way. For instance, consumer earplugs mainly focus on volume reduction first and foremost. That is the most important feature consumer earplugs were developed to address. With that being said, you can expect high frequencies reduced way more than mid to low frequencies. Because of this consumer earplugs are the way to go if you are only looking to reduce the volume. This is crucial if you are someone who works in construction or factories surrounded by heavy machinery.

Volume and decibels

When you are looking for the right earplugs for you, it is imperative to take into account volume and decibels. It is commonly understood that when earplugs are referring to volume, they are quantifying volume reduction in decibels where one decibel is the quietest a human being can hear.

The decibel levels that you are required to consider depends on the particular situations as it can vary. Overall if you are a musician, you want to focus on earplugs that offer size decibels reduction as it basically cuts down the perceived volume levels in half. Finding earplugs that range somewhere between six decibels and 20db is good enough volume reduction that can minimize hearing damage from band practice and concerts. These are the kinds of earplugs you want to be on the lookout for.

When you see earplugs that advertise 30db of volume reduction, it is safe to assume those earplugs are for people who work with heavy machinery, find themselves in excessive wind conditions, rocket launches and other really loud things. You do not need earplugs that powerful. You will not be able to hear anything, which is no good for you since your vibe off the music and the happenings of the other musicians around you.

Types of earplugs for musicians

There are several types of earplugs. All get the job done, but it is very dependent on what you need out of your earplugs. Musician earplugs are just what the name implies. They are made specifically for musicians. You also have custom-made earplugs, which are typically made out of silicone or high-grade vinyl, allowing for a personal fit. Next, you have the in-ear monitors. These are both headphones and earplugs. Musicians sometimes get these kinds of earplugs as well; only they may have them custom-made. 

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