I’ll admit it, I’m guilty.

I’m guilty of going to loud concerts and noisy restaurants. And I’m guilty of forgoing earplugs when I’m there, even though I know that simple step can help protect my hearing.

But now, I might just change my ways.

Now I’ve heard the way I might hear if I keep leaving my earplugs at home.

Take a listen to this hearing loss simulator from Hear the World Foundation. By putting you in a virtual conversation in a busy airport; it lets you hear for yourself what different stages of hearing loss actually sound like. As you dial up from normal hearing, through the earliest signs of hearing loss and eventually to moderate hearing loss, the conversation gets progressively more difficult to follow. At the moderate stage, you’re forced to read lips.

I understood almost nothing that was being said at that stage. And even at the lower stages, other distractions, like overhead announcements, made following the conversation difficult.

After just a few minutes, I now have a firmer idea of how the world might one day sound to me if I don’t take precautions.
I want to enjoy music – and conversations with the people I love – for as long as I can. If something as simple as wearing earplugs can help me do that, I’m willing to try it.

How about you?

If you’re experiencing any of the signs of hearing loss, take steps to prevent further damage. Start with a hearing assessment. Schedule an appointment today at one of our locations in Memphis or Jackson.