There are a number of signs that your hearing aids need repairing. You might find that they stop producing sound completely. Or, the sound could be totally distorted. It’s also possible that your hearing aid volume is incredibly low. There are some very basic troubleshooting steps for each of these issues, but if these don’t work, it’s time to go see a professional for a hearing aid repair. Usually, an audiologist will handle this job, ensuring that you can once again rely on your hearing aids.

But what you should expect from a hearing aid repair.

Checking The Basics

It doesn’t matter if you go in, informing the professional that you have actually tried all the troubleshooting steps. This will include, checking that the device is switched on, that the volume is turned up, that the settings are correct and that the batteries aren’t dead. The audiologist will check this all again to make sure that it’s not a basic problem. They will also make sure that the batteries are inserted the correct way. You might feel as though you’re being treated like an idiot, but that’s not the case. It’s just quite common for a user to miss something simple and it’s far better to catch it rather than to perhaps pay for an expensive repair.

Once all the basics have been checked an audiologist will then diagnose the issue. This could be a problem with various aspects of the device including the mic.

How Long Will It Take To Repair

You might find that your hearing aid repair can be completed then and there if it is small and simple enough. Indeed, hearing aid repairs can be performed in no less than thirty minutes. However, the issue may also be complicated, and if that’s the case, it could take a couple hours at least. You may even be asked to leave the hearing aids with them for repair if they do not have the right part they need.

Usually, in cases like this, you will be provided with a temporary replacement set of hearing aids.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of hearing aid repairs can vary. It typically depends on the device and the issue as well as how much time it will take to fix. Basic issues can be repaired for just under forty dollars. If the problem is more serious or the hearing aids are advanced tech, you could be looking at significantly more than that. You will also find that prices differ depending on the service that you choose. That’s why it is worth comparing and shopping around the market, getting different quotes for your hearing aid repairs.

Questions About Insurance

Hopefully, your hearing aids will still be insured when they need repairing. If that’s the case, you won’t need to worry about the cost at all. It will be completely covered. This is why when you do get your hearing aids repaired, you do need to make sure that you take your insurance for the device with you.