This is a common question, often asked by new patients or those who are having problems with their hearing aids. On the one hand, it’s an unusual question to ask, as the point of a hearing aid is to improve your hearing and not damage it. On the other hand, there are reasons why the question arises, so it shouldn’t be dismissed entirely.

Why Do People Think Hearing Aids Can Damage Hearing?

There’s a common reason why people think hearing aids can be damaging to hearing. And that reason is to do with noise. As we all know, very loud sounds can cause damage to our hearing ability, which is why we should take precautions, such as wearing the appropriate earwear when operating loud machinery. As hearing aids amplify incoming sounds, there is the belief that they will make noisy sounds even louder. Is this true?

Well, not really. An audiologist will set up the hearing aid to ensure it delivers a level of sound that doesn’t cause damage to the ears. Using state-of-the-art techniques, they will make sure the hearing aid is safe for day-to-day activities, so loud noises won’t be amplified. So, in this sense, users can be assured that hearing aids won’t damage their hearing.

Are There Instances Where Hearing Aids Could Damage Hearing?

Provided the patient has had their hearing aid fitted by a professionally trained audiologist, no. As we said, they will make sure the hearing aid has been adjusted correctly to ensure both safety and comfort.

Problems can arise, however, for those people who purchase hearing aids from unauthorized sellers, such as anybody selling them over the internet. It is unlikely that these hearing aids have been adjusted correctly, as the seller won’t have had the opportunity to test and assess the person’s hearing. These hearing aids could be considered dangerous as they won’t have been set to the right amplification. As such, the person’s hearing could be affected after wearing them, especially in noisy environments.

Always visit a trained audiologist. It’s important that your hearing aids have been fitted and adjusted by somebody who knows what they are doing. A third-party seller might offer you something cheaper but it’s not worth taking the risk if they have no affiliation to your current audiologist.

Do Hearing Aids Protect Hearing?

It is important to understand that hearing aids are not the same as hearing protection. Yes, they will protect your hearing to a degree, as they will have been calibrated to fit your ears correctly, with limits in place to ensure sounds aren’t over-amplified. However, wearing other forms of hearing protection is essential when you are in very loud environments, as you are still susceptible to further hearing damage if you don’t protect your ears.

So, whether you’re at a rock concert, operating industrial equipment at work or out in your garden pushing your lawnmower, remember to wear earplugs, earmuffs and other types of hearing protection to avoid any short or long-term damage.

Can Hearing Aids Damage My Ears?

There’s another reason why you should visit an audiologist for your hearing aids, and that is to improve your ear comfort. As you will be wearing your hearing aid for long stretches throughout the day, there is the possibility that it will cause discomfort if it hasn’t been fitted by a professional. The hearing aid could rub against the walls of your ear canal and that could result in feelings of irritation and soreness.

However, an audiologist will minimize such a risk, as they will measure your ear before your hearing aid is fitted. They will then make sure the earmold is designed perfectly to fit the contours of your ear. Of course, if you do feel discomfort after having your hearing aid fitted, you should return to the audiologist for a check-up. It might be that you have been inserting it into your ear incorrectly or slight adjustments may need to be made.

Get In Touch If You Need a Hearing Aid

Are you experiencing problems with your hearing? If so, it might be that a hearing aid is for you. Don’t be put off by any myth that suggests a hearing aid will make your hearing worse as the opposite is true. Provided it is calibrated and fitted by an experienced audiologist, you will experience improvements to your hearing, giving you the freedom to enjoy your day-to-day activities both in and out of the home.

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