Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee offers a large array of services and products outside the usual hearing test and hearing aid recommendations. Today, a wide spectrum of technical advances has opened new opportunities for people with hearing difficulties. Hearing devices can be wirelessly connected to cell phones, televisions and computers.

What are assistive listening devices?

Assistive listening devices are used to help individuals with hearing loss hear better in a variety of situations. These can be used in classrooms, at home or in the office. These devices usually connect to hearing aids and offer the user a more customized and personalized listening environment.

Available assistive listening devices

At Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee, we offer products that keep you entertained, informed and ready for your day, including:

  • TV – Williams Sound is a company that makes remote sound amplifiers and other products for hearing services. The company’s infrared and FM systems allow you to listen to television (and radio) at your personal level.
  • Amplifiers – Williams Sound makes the Pocketalker, a device that amplifies close sounds and reduces background noise in closed and crowded areas.
  • Telephone – Williams Sound, ClearSounds and Ringmax are all companies that make devices to help you hear the phone ringing, see it ringing or record a phone call.
  • Alarms – These products are designed to wake you up, make you aware or something or warn you. Sonic Boom and Shake-Awake alarms don’t leave any room for ambiguity! You’ll be on time from now on.
  • Telecoil – Telecoil (also known as t-switch or t-coil) is a telephone switch feature that is now built in to about 45% of all hearing aids. If you are unsure if your hearing aid has this feature, contact your hearing specialist or the hearing aid manufacturer. You can use a Bluetooth accessory and have a Bluetooth signal sent to your telecoil through a neckloop or earhook silhouette from phones that support Bluetooth technology.
  • Neckloop – A neckloop is a necklace-sized wire that connects to many devices including HAC phones and accessories, and can be worn around the neck and adapted to telecoil hearing aids. Neckloops generate a weak magnetic signal that is recognized by the telecoil and amplified by the hearing aid. Neckloops are popular with many hearing aid users because they can drive both hearing aids and do not require wires running to the hearing aids.

If you’re considering assistive listening devices or want to upgrade your current technology, schedule an appointment with a professional at Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee to find out what options are available to you!