Hearing Tests

People usually have some kind of hearing test in grade school. They are given as a general survey of youngsters’ hearing ability, but do not necessarily find a cause of hearing loss if it is present. Hearing tests are usually recommended periodically, but are necessary for patients who are having trouble hearing, can’t hear well in certain situations or have pain, noise or swelling that bothers the ears.

What to expect

When you visit Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee for a hearing test, a number of things will happen. Our audiologist will gather important medical information, including your personal history, what symptoms you’re experiencing, any medications you’re on and additional details. This will help the audiologist to better read the results of your hearing tests and provide you with a more personalized diagnosis.

The hearing tests

Hearing tests are simple and painless. They are the audiologist’s first step in helping diagnose and treat hearing disorders. Tests are given by qualified audiologists, and may contain a series of evaluations.

Either way, the tests generally involve listening to a series of sounds or words through headphones. A computer and an audiologist record the results. An attachment resting on the bone under the ear records resonance hearing, or the vibration conducted by the bone. Various frequency sounds will be sent through the headphones at varied volumes. All the tests are charted on an audiogram and then will be reviewed by the audiologist to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan if necessary.

Hearing loss causes

There are many causes of hearing loss including age-related degeneration, noise exposure, injury and brain or nerve damage. These conditions can and often do overlap. Nobody’s hearing spectrum is identical to another’s. The hearing test determines the severity of hearing loss and enables your audiologist to recommend the next appropriate steps.

Hearing loss treatment

The most common treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids. Hearing aids are often recommended to individuals with hearing loss to help them communicate with the world around them again. Your audiologist will talk you through the different styles, models and features to help you decide which device is best for your particular needs.

If you are struggling to hear as well as you once did, schedule an appointment with Hearing and Balance Centers of West Tennessee. Our audiologist will be able to evaluate, test, diagnose and treat any hearing loss that might be present.