Many people don’t realize that heart disease is one of the most common causes of death for both women and men. Similarly, studies have also shown that heart disease is also linked to hearing loss. Maintaining a healthy heart can help you to maintain your hearing just as much as your overall wellbeing.

Heart Disease Risks

Heart disease occurs when blood vessels start to become damaged due to blockages and high blood pressure. Minor and major vessels can be affected by this, usually in the form of ruptures or spasms. More often than not, heart attacks, chest pains and strokes can occur due to heart disease. As well as these fatal ailments, many Americans don’t realize the long-lasting damage that heart disease can do to other aspects of your health.

Many of our health conditions are innately intertwined, so it’s essential to take every aspect of your wellbeing seriously to maintain good hearing and a healthy auditory system. There are a number of ways in which you can protect your heart and hearing health, so explore some of the notions mentioned below.

Heart Health and Hearing Loss

You may be wondering how heart health and hearing loss are connected in terms of your health. In short, they both require a healthy blood flow in order to function at their optimum level. When your circulation is good, your hearing health will thrive. However, when there are blockages and high pressure occurring in your vessels it can cause hearing loss.

The Science of Hearing Loss

As adults, we have numerous delicate hair cells located in the cochlea of our ears which help to translate noises into sounds for the brain. This intricate process relies on good circulation because if the hairs do not have enough oxygen, they won’t be able to work properly. In some cases, this can cause permanent hearing loss. Studies have been conducted over the past six decades which outline the links between heart health and hearing health. The results prove that impaired cardiovascular health can have a negative impact on the auditory system as a whole, more so in aging adults.

Stroke and Hearing Loss: The Links

As mentioned earlier, there is a significant risk of stroke if you don’t have a healthy heart. In many cases, stroke can also lead to hearing loss. Strokes occur when there is a blockage in the blood supply, and it can’t reach the brain. If this occurs in the same area that is responsible for hearing and balance, hearing loss may be experienced as a result of the stroke. Even if hearing loss isn’t experienced, there can be a number of balance changes and dizziness after a stroke.

When someone suffers from a stroke, the temporal lobe of the brain can adversely affect their hearing. A person may have difficulty understanding certain words or hearing specific sounds in some cases. In rare cases, some people may also experience auditory hallucinations, which occur when they hear a sound that doesn’t actually exist.

Maintaining Good Heart and Hearing Health

All in all, a well-balanced diet will help to maintain a strong and fully functioning cardiovascular system. Eating a diet rich in leafy dark green vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil and almonds will encourage healthy blood flow. In a similar light, exercise can also help to maintain good heart and hearing health, so it’s worth speaking to your doctor about a program that might work for you. Studies have shown that there is an excellent relationship between cardiovascular exercise and hearing acuity, so this is a brilliant way to remain as healthy as possible.

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