While we have glasses to help to support our eyes and we have braces to support our teeth, we also have hearing aids to ensure that we are able to hear better. The thing is, as with anything, hearing aids are not always the perfect solution and they don't always work perfectly so that you can hear smoothly all the time.

Those with hearing issues sometimes use hearing aids, and when it starts to whistle, beep and make sounds, it's not comfortable! If your hearing aid is beeping when it's not supposed to, it becomes very frustrating and your hearing is further compromised by the beeping in your inner ear.

The high-pitched sound you're hearing is the feedback from your hearing aid machine, and if you start to notice lots of high-pitched beeping, it's time to see your audiologist to see how this can be fixed. Hearing aids aren't supposed to make a sound and you can purchase the best hearing aids from your audiologist and still find that a faulty set will give you feedback. There are some things that you can do if your hearing aids start providing a beeping sound and it starts with speaking to your audiologist.

The first thing that you can do is to look and check the connections in your hearing aid and if you notice that some are not as intact as they should be, you can try to get them fixed. Trying to solve the beeping sound is your first duty! It could mean that the battery isn't working as well as it should be or it could mean that the hearing machine program has changed, too. Speaking to an audiologist could help you to understand why you are being irritated with beeping.

Why is my hearing aid beeping?

The beep of a hearing aid is a short, sharp tone or a high-pitched tone that continues on. Normally, you hear a beep from a machine if something is wrong as it acts as an alert to let you know that there is a problem somewhere through its connections. If you are hearing a beeping sound from your hearing aid, there is a problem that must be addressed. Some of the problems with your hearing aid include:

  • Lost connections: Whether the connection is lost with the hearing aid partner, the settings are stuck and can't move or the connection to the battery itself is poor, your hearing aids are better off when they are working properly. If there is module damage, this can cause a lost connection, too and speaking to your audiologist in order to address the issue is so important.
  • Low battery: When was the last time you looked into changing your hearing aid battery? It's important that you change it as it needs to be changed, as any batteries that are left to sit will let you know that they require change with a beep. It's the first thing that you should do if you think that the beeping is because of the battery. Change it and see if that helps to stop the beeping.
  • Program change: Did you knock your hearing aids at all? The programs will change if you push the button on them, so you must only use the buttons on your hearing aids to stop the buttons functioning on their own. If you click the buttons to ensure that they function well, the beeping will stop.
  • Damaged modules: If your module in your hearing aid is damaged, it will continue to beep until it's been fixed. Check whether or not your hearing aids have stopped working due to damaged modules; you can always get a replacement sorted!
  • Stuck buttons: How are your hearing aid buttons looking? Are they clean or are they sticky and stuck in? The buttons only stick like this if the volume is changing randomly on its own.
  • The volume is too high: Sometimes, hearing aids can malfunction if the volume is too high. Ensuring that your hearing aids are functioning correctly should be a priority for you and you need to ensure that you are keeping the volume at a manageable level.

Avoiding the beep

If you want to avoid your hearing aids beeping at you and interrupting your day, you need to think about recharging your hearing aids and replace them when you're supposed to. Book an appointment with your audiologist and let your professional guide you about the hearing aids. If your hearing aids seem to be malfunctioning, speak to the audiologist experts at Hearing & Balance Centers of West Tennessee. We have two locations: Jackson: (731) 256-5973 and Memphis: (901) 201-6761 – and our audiologists are happy to help!